Why should schools have ponds

Why should schools have ponds Why should schools have ponds? What is your favorite memory of your school? I remember my school had beautiful stone walls, that I would run my fingers on as I walked the corridors. Thankfully, the school wasn’t in the middle of a city, it was a little on the outskirts, […]

Water Based Ecosystems

Water Based Ecosystems Imagine a society where everyone lives together in harmony, working with each other to make their world better! Sounds good doesn’t it? Well that’s how a well balanced ecosystem functions. Any water body man made or otherwise has a carefully balanced ecosystem that if maintained can be beneficial for all. One of […]

Revitalizing Spaces

Revitalizing Spaces If you’ve ever felt desolate at the abysmal state of your garden or outdoor space just know that you are not alone in this feeling. An unorganised space can be a cause of stress and tension.  No matter how big or small the area is there is always something that can be done […]

Pond Maintenance

Pond Maintenance Keeping up with the Cleaning Installing a pond is only the first step in making your outdoor space one where people want to spend time. Ponds are much more low maintenance than a lawn or garden but they still require a basic level of care. On a day-to-day basis they require a few […]

Nitrogen Cycle

Nitrogen Cycle Name one thing you can’t live without? You probably did not say Nitrogen, but it’s true! Even if we do not notice it, it’s an integral part of our lives. Nitrogen is a vital component of plant life but it is not as accessible as we would assume. Despite Nitrogen existing in its […]

Koi Behavior

Koi Behavior People always ask the question: are you a cat or dog person? But what if your answer is fish! …Koi are among the friendliest fish, once they warm up to the environment, they allow you to feed them and may even leap out of the water to greet you! Because they are so […]