We are aqua designers creating extra ordinary water features that transform living spaces.

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”


-Natural Science Writer


At Design Aquatica, the catalyst for our growth has always been water in its live form. We create waterscapes that thrive and flourish over time.

We include elements such as statues, fountains, underwater lighting, and edging details in our waterscapes. These not only add visual interest but also integrates the tropical pond with the local landscape and environment.

Our team works with the impetus to create waterscapes that grow, nurture and nourish the environment we live in. We take pride in creating water feature designs that appear to have always existed in their surrounding landscape. Here’s a look into our process that combines creativity with technology.to deliver benchmark waterscapes.

The Art of Planning

Planning isn’t just a tool for us. It’s the backbone of our entire project structure. Be it operational planning, strategic, tactical, or contingency planning, our professionals measure the best possibilities to finalize an optimal and reliable plan.

Our planning process rests on understanding the needs of our clients, doing our research, and forming clear objectives to move forward.

The Art of Designing

The celebrated designer Milton Glaser once said that there are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! We believe in brainstorming for creative designs that are worth the WOWs.

Our pool of talent considers design as a philosophy of life. Our goal is to design waterscapes in a way that will enrich the living and working spaces of our clients. In our designing phase, we create wireframes, sketches, and mockups of the work we will be doing.

The Art of Developing

Our product development team takes the design we finalize, one that syncs with our brand with our client’s objectives, and gets the development process going. Our designing and development stages are measured at every step to ensure qualitative and error-free results. Our timely goals and dedicated team efforts have helped us to launch multiple projects in a short span of time.

After installing and launching our products, we make sure to maintain the health and beauty of our waterscapes with regular upkeep.


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