Pond Maintenance

Keeping up with the Cleaning

Installing a pond is only the first step in making your outdoor space one where people want to spend time. Ponds are much more low maintenance than a lawn or garden but they still require a basic level of care.
On a day-to-day basis they require a few things -Feeding any fish that live in the pond everyday at a set time is very important. In the case of koi it can help build a rapport with them where they will everyday allow you to touch them! Another is cleaning the pond of any floating debris like dead leaves is important to not only maintain the beauty of the pond but also the fragile ecosystem. A stitch in time saves nine- a quick Visual Inspection of Pumps, Filters, Valves & Control Panel can catch any problem that may occur early on saving any real damage to the pond.

On a weekly basis there is little to no maintenance except for- Checking Pump Blockage , this is an important item on your checklist as it will help maintain the clarity of the water and prevent algae from growing. A quick Electrical Inspection ensures that all is well with any light fixtures or filtration pumps. A well balanced ecosystem depends on regular Testing and monitoring of the water parameters.

Once a month a Dosing of Bacterium helps keep the nitrogen cycle in continuous motion maintaining the ecosystem. Electrical Inspection helps in the longevity of the various mechanical parts of the pond.Regularly Trimming the Plants keeps the plants healthy and the aesthetic looking fresh. Fauna Health Check is integral for the health of the fish, to make sure they are not being adversely affected by anything.Pump and Valves servicing too keep them in tip-top shape.

Every year the Pump and Valve have to be serviced to maintain the pond health and prevent algae build up.Steriliser Servicing keepin staying on top of any dirt or grime that might have collected over the course of the year. A quick Electrical Inspection to maintain the integrity of the pond is also necessary.

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