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If you’ve ever felt desolate at the abysmal state of your garden or outdoor space just know that you are not alone in this feeling. An unorganised space can be a cause of stress and tension. 

No matter how big or small the area is there is always something that can be done to improve the ambiance and make it spark happiness rather than an anxiety attack. Small changes that are innovative can be the perfect way to bring back to life these neglected spaces.

A few tips to reinvent your space are:
Adding greenery! Whether it’s to a pond, a fountain or anywhere else greenery always spruces the area up. It has the added benefit of helping improve the environment.

Creating a living, changing and ever growing environment will not just change the aesthetic but help change your mindset. Having plants to care for will encourage upkeep by way of constantly maintaining the area by gathering dry leaves and other debris.

Adapting the area to your taste. The smallest change like stringing lights can transform the space. Adding seating around your pond or garden will encourage you to spend more time with nature that has scientifically proven to have significant health benefits. Adding decor like pottery and statues or even a birdhouse or feeder will help as well.

Most people think of outdoor grills and patio furniture when they think of outdoor living spaces. Once the outdoor meal is over, what more is there to do in your backyard? While many homeowners turn to pools or hot tubs, they’re discouraged by the amount of maintenance and chemicals required with these amenities. For the price of a hot tub, a beautiful ecosystem pond can be installed, and less maintenance is required thereby providing more time to relax and enjoy friends and family. An ecosystem pond maintains clarity and quality of water through a balance of fish, plants, aeration, and filtration, often eliminating the need for chemicals. In northern climates, outdoor grills and similar features are typically enjoyed during the warmer months, whereas a water feature can be enjoyed year-round. enjoyed year-round.

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