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We often forget that water is alive. From the fish who feed in it, to the flowers that bloom in it, to the sounds it makes while it rushes and flows, water tells a compelling tale of its place in a landscape.

At Design Aquatica, we’ve mastered the art of telling stories through landscaping water, better known as waterscapes.

We are one of the only few waterscaping companies in India and take pride in being an industry expert who knows the perfect blend of art and design. 

As pioneers in the field, we’ve extensively researched this living liquid for years and developed state-of-the art waterscapes ranging from koi ponds in homes to water installations in large corporate offices.

Our designs are backed by the passion, commitment, and professional expertise of our team. Our wide range of experience and genuine love for what we do shows in each project we take on, service we provide, and staff member on our team.

We are dedicated to the property you entrust us and promise to work with you to build the luxurious and relaxing waterscape of your dreams!

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Design Aquatica is founded by architect and designer Ambika Govind. Ambika began her career in architecture and gradually moved toward interior design, landscaping, and finally, waterscaping.

The essence of Ambika’s work lies in combining tradition with a unique design for each project she takes up. She is highly skilled in providing her clients with practical solutions using cutting-edge technology and innovative design.

Ambika’s ambition, creativity, and sharp eye for sustainable design are at the heart of Design Aquatics. She comes alive in a creative environ-ment and is always up for the challenge of creating a brilliant and eco-nomical water design.

Ambika’s work is driven by an environmental ethic. She sees sustainabi-lity as a good design, not a fad or a point system. Her concern for envir-onmental and public health consequences informs all her developmen-tal and architectural design decisions.


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Dr. V. R. Sashidhar

Dr. V. R. Sashidhar brings with him over 4 decades of knowledge and expertise in the field of agricultural sciences. With a PhD in Crop Physiology, he worked as a professor in the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore for over 20 years.

Dr. Sashidhar is a 3-time nominee for the fellowship of the National Academy of Science, India. He has served as a Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Plant Biology and the Editorial Board of LS International Journal of Life. His key areas of interest and study are the adaptation of plants to their environment.

He guides us with our botanicals, sharing his knowledge to help us grow healthier and better adaptive plants quickly, in the best soil possible.

G. M. Govind

G.M. Govind brings to our board his invaluable experience of managing people and relations spanning a career of over 4 decades. He worked for 35 years at Bosch, retiring as the Vice President of Corporate Logistics and Purchase of Bosch, India.

Since then, he has worked as Director and Managing Director at several national and international tech giants including Delta Innovations, Melbourne. He currently sits on the Advisory Board of Prettl India and Supply Chain Dynamics.

He guides us to be more purchase effective and provides his input on logistics such well planned transportation, inventory checks, and overall procedural efficiency.

Sindu E. S.

Sindu is an IT professional with over 16 years of experience in the industry. She has worked with tech giants such as IBM and HP on BPM consulting and program management. She is Six Sigma Green belt certified and ITIL foundation certified. Her knowledge and experience spans vastly across several industries including Banking, Travel and Transport, Insurance, Retail, and Healthcare.