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We help identify an aquaspace that works for you – be it a tropical pond, a koi pond, or a water feature. We work with you from scratch to create an aquaspace designed for your needs.

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Installing an aquaspace can be a daunting process with services split among contractors. At Design Aquatica, we provide you with a full range of services covering all aspects of the installation.

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Repair & Renovation

We provide expert support services for all types of repair, renovations and overhauls. We cater to pond clean-outs, reticulation, mechanical repairs/improvements, and general upgrades.

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Once a pool has reached equilibrium, it requires only seasonal care and maintenance over the year. We pride our maintenance service to be accurate and well managed.

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Filtration and Purification

Water is a living liquid. Which means that with the right filter systems in place for your aquascape, you can increase and optimize the quality of your waterscape.

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We offer various types of waterproofing systems depending on the substrate and construction of your aquaspace.

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At Design Aquatica, the catalyst for our growth has always been water in its live form. We create waterscapes that thrive and flourish over time.

We include elements such as statues, fountains, underwater lighting, and edging details in our waterscapes. These not only add visual interest but also integrates the tropical pond with the local landscape and environment.

Our team works with the impetus to create waterscapes that grow, nurture and nourish the environment we live in. We take pride in creating water feature designs that appear to have always existed in their surrounding landscape. Here’s a look into our process that combines creativity with deliver benchmark waterscapes.

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