We often forget that water is alive. From the fish who feed in it, to the flowers that bloom in it, to the sounds it makes while it rushes and flows, water tells a compelling tale of its place in a landscape.

At Design Aquatica, we’ve mastered the art of telling stories through landscaping water, better known as waterscapes.

We are one of the only few waterscaping companies in India and take pride in being an industry expert who knows the perfect blend of art and design. As pioneers in the field, we’ve extensively researched this living liquid for years and developed state-of-the art waterscapes ranging from koi ponds in homes to water installations in large corporate offices.

Our designs are backed by the passion, commitment, and professional expertise of our team. Our wide range of experience and genuine love for what we do shows in each project we take on, service we provide, and staff member on our team.

We are dedicated to the property you entrust us and promise to work with you to build the luxurious and relaxing waterscape of your dreams!

Advisory Board Members


Dr. V. R. Sashidhar


G. M. Govind

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Sindu E.S.

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